The most depressing scene that can be seen early in the morning on weekdays is that of inclined children, clutching their school bags and running for their school. Books were never meant to be a burden to students and parents. Still, parents watch their children carry heavy loads of the world on their little shoulders. In this age of virtual transformation wherein education may be imparted in digital ways, sporting the daily load seems cruel. The most important question to ask yourself is, do we need heavy school bags for any sort of learning? Below are 4 reasons why school bags should not be a burden to students.

1. It Affects Physical Health:

Children carrying heavy bags do not realize that they are seriously jeopardizing their health and well-being. It can have serious consequences on your kid’s frame posture, even if he or she does not carry the load. A major impact on your child’s backbone is one of the many bodily side effects. If this seems like a normal occurrence, your child may, in time, develop skeletal issues that they will have to live with for the rest of their life. As a parent, these details of the minute load may not seize your attention right now, until your child begins to whine of pain or discomfort.

2. Loss of Interest in School:

Carrying a heavy school bag does not bring happiness to any kid. Additionally, the soreness and pressure on your child’s shoulders are unpleasant. This will cause physical pain for your child who will no longer want to go to school. If you start to feel excuses for back pain and shoulder pain, then it should be taken seriously.

3. Walk freely at school:

Apart from the fact that bags are a burden, the presence of school bags adds an unnecessary burden to children in kindergarten and pre-primary grades. For them, these are the days when they run, leap and jump to school. School bags take away their joy of movement. These young children should go to school happily rather than pressing with their bags.

4. Going Digital:

When schools turn to teaching with the assistance of virtual assets it will reduce the burden of sporting paper and school supplies. Digital resources can be stored for a long time while paper items are too weak to handle. Kids may lose them or end up tearing them up but with e-textbooks, there is no chance for this to happen. In the era of visual learning and online courses avoiding the use of school bags can drastically change the educational environment.

For example, a visual pupil will apprehend information on black holes more easily when watching a video than reading a book. Visual learning offers benefits about remembering when material things are integrated. It is easier to remember the smallest detail if you see it happening just before you read it.

Paper and book materials are one way of education but not the only way. With the help of visual learning and e-classroom in our school, children will not only become better students but also develop advanced thinking and adaptability skills. If encouraged, visual learning and teaching practice, teachers can better meet the requirement of all students. This does not mean that conventional teaching methods that focus on teaching and learning should be abandoned. Although visual communication is growing in importance, oral and drafted communication is still universal and important.

Hence at Mauryan High School, we believe in the overall growth of our students and not just in academics. As a high caliber CBSE school in Vadodara, we aim to engage students in the joy of learning through meaningful and innovative methods. Our school is smart classroom enabled which makes learning effective and exhilarating. Students here learn through conventional methods as well as in digital ways.