CBSE is India’s national board of education, which is also known as the Central BoCBSE Boardard of Secondary Education. The Central Board of Secondary Education is often regarded as India’s most competitive educational board. There are almost 19,000 CBSE-affiliated schools in India. Not only does the board have national recognition, but we can also find CBSE schools all around the world. This implies that by enrolling your child in a CBSE School, you are certain that he or she will be prepared for a career that will be recognized internationally. Students are encouraged to be versatile by the CBSE Board of Directors and to emphasize concept-based learning. Here are the top benefits of choosing the CBSE board for your child’s prospects.

Properly Designed and Compiled Curriculum

When you choose the CBSE board for your child, you are choosing a globally standardized program. It is well-structured and optimized for the students’ age. The curriculum is reviewed and updated periodically by the board. Students are taught to think analytically, which is critical for success in the real world. The CBSE board has a more application-based approach to learning and is totally against rote memorization. To help kids cope with the tedium of a stringent curriculum-based syllabus, the board also engages them in entertaining activities. The CBSE framework includes the ideal syllabus for preparing students for the country’s best universities, including AIIMS, IIT/NITs, and other well-known and highly desirable institutions. The CBSE board recognizes the importance of competitive exams in a student’s career, so this sculpting of students begins in the pre-primary years.

The Best for Higher Education in a Renowned Institute

If a student wishes to seek higher education at a centralized institution such as IIT or AIIMS, CBSE is the ideal base because it prepares them for those institutions’ qualifying examinations. Because CBSE has a globally acknowledged syllabus, it is used for most competitive admission tests such as IIT-JEE, PMT, Dental Courses, NDA, CDS, and other Defence and Civil Services. Since the question structure is primarily conceptual, most of the questions on the entrance tests come from the CBSE curriculum. As a result, CBSE board students would get a head start on the entrance exam. As a result, students in this stream have an edge over students in other streams in this regard.

International Recognition

The CBSE board isn’t just for Indian students. Many countries, including Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia, have acknowledged it in recent years. Since the Council expands its global scope, students recognize a growing number of universities, which benefit from their condition. Hence, if a child decides to study abroad at any point in the future, the syllabus will not be a barrier to further education.

Freedom of Subject Selection

One of the most appealing aspects of CBSE is that students can select certain subjects that are relevant to their interests. A student would not be forced to choose a particular stream during their time studying under the CBSE board. As previously said, this board allows students to refine their skills and play to their strengths, and students will be given abundant possibilities to choose their preferred streams and study toward making their dreams come true at every step of the process. Hence CBSE is a flexible stream since students have the freedom to choose what they want to learn.

Emphasis on Co-Curricular Activities

One of the most significant advantages of the CBSE board is that it focuses on a child’s overall development. Students are encouraged to look beyond books. The board takes on the responsibility of organizing events for students from all around India. Competitions in athletics and other disciplines, as well as cultural activities like debating, dancing, and Model United Nations, provide students with adequate exposure to help them develop holistically. The board also suggests that schools organize similar events within the school to make sure that students participate regularly and compete in a friendly manner.

Why Mauryan High School?

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