To increase the confidence in the students to start preparing them for class X Board Examinations when they join the Upper Primary Stage in class VI, school will be following the assessment system as per the instructions provided by the board.

Students will be assessed as follows:

  1. SCHOLASTIC AREAS: Session will be divided in two terms and assessment will be as follows:
  • The school will conduct Periodic Tests as per the schedule given in the dairy.
  • Not Book Submission Will be done every month for assessment.
  • Subject Enrichment Activities will be conducted throughout the term as per teacher’s instruction.
  • CO- SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES:  For holistic development of children co-curricular activities are important. These activities will be graded on a 3- point grading scale (A Outstanding, B Very Good, C Fair) Will have no descriptive indicators. No up scaling will be done. The three activities included will be: Work Education. Art Education, Health and Physical Education.
  • DISCIPLINE:  The students will also be assessed for the discipline which will be based on the factors like attendance, sincerity, behavior, values, tidiness, respectfulness for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and others. Grading on Discipline will be done term wise on a 3- point grading scale (A=Outstanding, B= Very Good, C= Fair)