Grade – I TO V


I            Evaluation                  –   I       From          11th July                 2020
II           Evaluation                  –   II       From          23rd September    2020
I            Evaluation                  –   III       From          28th December        2020
II           Evaluation                  –   IV       From          2nd March               2021

Grade – VI to VIII


I               Periodical Test                  I                     From          11th July                   2020
                Half Yearly Exam       From          23rd September      2020
II              Periodical Test                  II       From          28th December         2020
                Annual Exam       From          2nd March                2021

      Grade – IX & X


I              Periodical Test                  I                     From          11th July                  2020
               Periodical Test                 II                     From          23rd September     2020
               Periodical Test                III                     From         28th December         2020
           Annual Exam     February/ March                      2021

 Note: Dates can be re-scheduled according to the situation.