With the modernization and increased competition, we all want our kids to study that will make them future-ready. The constant status quo pressure that we build on our minds at times confuses us. Which type of curriculum is the best fit for the child; IBS, ICSE, CBSE or State Board? How these options differ from each other and how can it influence kids future? Every curriculum has its own pros and cons, how can we decide the kid’s future aspirations right now to trade through and give him a good platform. The curriculum has to be decided based on the kid’s capabilities along with parent’s possible involvement and aspirations for kids.

In relations to other curriculums, CBSE is a safer bet. When you take CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education you keep a wider segment open for the future of your child. As CBSE gives the platform for exams for government jobs, entrance exams for top B-schools and even foreign university entrance. CBSE works on the basic fundamental of NCRET books that is National Council of Educational Research & Training.

The next step and confusion lie in the school that the kid has to be admitted. With the increasing competition, every school claims to be the best in the city following the best of practices. This is not a very difficult decision to make once you decide your filters and budget. You should understand that facility should be focused more on giving your kid the required education more than luxury and comfort. The world is full of challenges and circumstance one need to keep overcoming. Luxuries at younger age only make them dwell on comfort and they do not try to explore possibilities.

We at Mauryan High School believe in balance to give kids the all-round exposure. We do have a well-maintained sports facility along with smart class facility. This enables the kids to have physical as well as technological balance with the primary goal of imparting education along with moral and human values. The balance helps our students to focus on academic education along with physical fitness. This principle has made Mauryan High School one of the preferred and Top CBSE school of Vadodara.

Children are like clay; as clay requires balance of molding and exposure. If they are handled too much to mold or exposed too much, in either case, the clay tends to breakout. We at Mauryan High School understand this equation and work on perfection constantly with ongoing improvements. As teachers, we understand that learning is a lifelong process and we are very good at learning and keep enhancing the experience of kids to learn better and polish their skills. We let them break through their comfort zone to develop themselves and grow more and more to the next level of intelligence.

If you are an aspiring parent or guardian to a child, you can rest assured that we are well equipped to take care of your child education. Educating him along with imbibing moral and human values to make him a complete person with knowledge and values.