Group Song Competition 2018

Posted by Mauryan High School on Thursday, 6 December 2018

The group song competitiion held on 30 November 2018. Almost all student had participated in this CCA Activity. 1 grade was divided in two groups in which Group A(Divya,Jeet, Aditya,zeel,Aryaman and Rudra) won the competition. Followed by in the 2 Grade was also divided in two groups. In which Group B(Hriday,Aditya,Uman and Hariaksh) won the competition. Grade 3 students came up with brilliant ideas for Group song competition. Class teacher helped them to divide in three different groups. Almost seven in each group. They showed their team effort and excitement in their performance.And the winners were Dhwani,Hetansi, Sanchi,Nandini, Mahi Raghuvanshi, Dev, and Jay from Group A. The same activity was followed by Grade 4 and the winners were Aryan,Riya,Fatima Palak,Sonam and Deepak. Winnners of Grade 5 were Deepika, Siddhi, Kavya, Richa and Sakshi. Grade 6 to 9 made one Group and the winners were Nandita, Trupti and Vidhi.