Advantages of Private Schools-Mauryanhigh School-CBSE-School

Advantages of Private Schools

Private schools are preferred by many parents for their children because they wish to provide them with more chances and skillsets. In the end, it is to train them for successful and enriching lives in a world that is constantly evolving. Because of the specific needs of the Pandemic time, private schools are becoming increasingly popular.…

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Why Choose CBSE Board-Mauryanhigh School in Vadodara

Why Choose CBSE Board?

CBSE is India’s national board of education, which is also known as the Central Board of Secondary Education. The Central Board of Secondary Education is often regarded as India’s most competitive educational board. There are almost 19,000 CBSE-affiliated schools in India. Not only does the board have national recognition, but we can also find CBSE…

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Four Reasons Why School Bags Should Not Be A Burden-Mauryanhigh School-CBSE Baroda

Four Reasons Why School Bags Should Not Be A Burden

The most depressing scene that can be seen early in the morning on weekdays is that of inclined children, clutching their school bags and running for their school. Books were never meant to be a burden to students and parents. Still, parents watch their children carry heavy loads of the world on their little shoulders.…

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Back to School Post Covid Era-Mauryanhigh School-CBSE Baroda

Back to School Post Covid Era

In response to the lethal virus COVID-19, India had been following a lockdown that began in late March 2020. In addition, as a result of the second wave in 2021 a strong closure was imposed. Now that the situation is under control, the Indian government has begun allowing management to reopen schools after school closures.…

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