Mauryan High is a school inspired by the Mauryan Empire. As a result, the school is designed to encourage children to imagine, create, and conquer.

The aim of this school is to engage students in the joy of learning through meaningful and innovative methods. Moreover, we focus on training our teachers as well in order to have the best teachers, and better students.

Mauryan High is a part of Sigma Group of Institutes.


We understand that as parents, you might have questions for us. So here is some basic information about us:

Quick Facts

  • Board: CBSE
  • Sections: Pre-Primary and Primary (1st – 9th)
  • Medium of Instruction: English
  • Transport: Available
  • Dining Facilities: Available
  • Class Strength: upto 30 per class
  • Promoters: Shree Parishram Education and Medical Charitable Trust
  • Infrastructure: 3 acres of lush green grounds and well-lit, well-ventilated classrooms
  • Type of Classrooms: Traditional and Digital


Our Focus

  • Personality development
  • Differently-abled learning styles
  • English language enhancement
  • Counselling for parents and children
  • Nurturing child’s talents



  • Smart classrooms
  • WiFi-enabled campus
  • Outdoor and indoor sports facilities
  • 1:30 teacher:student ratio
  • Hygienic meals
  • Science and math labs
  • Safe and secure transport

Vision and Mission


To be a change agent, leading today’s generation from the present to the future, driven by commitment, dedication, strong moral values, global understanding, and respect for all.


Educating beyond text books, providing a reservoir of experiences, and spotting the innate talent of each child,  to groom, nurture, and shape them to become respectable, responsible individuals of our society.


7 Seas Mall Field Trip 2018

Mauryan High School’s Pre-primary and Grade 1 students payed visit to 7 Seas Mall Vadodara on 6th December 2018 by school bus. The purpose of visit was to make children aware about new different things and to have fun also. First of all, after reaching there children were taken into the game zone, where they …

Group Song Competition 2018

The group song competitiion held on 30 November 2018. Almost all student had participated in this CCA Activity. 1 grade was divided in two groups in which Group A(Divya,Jeet, Aditya,zeel,Aryaman and Rudra) won the competition. Followed by in the 2 Grade was also divided in two groups. In which Group B(Hriday,Aditya,Uman and Hariaksh) won the …